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Remarketing, Optimized for Pet Owners.

Have you ever noticed an ad for a product you searched for on a completely different website? Only to have that ad bring you back to the product site to help you make a decision. Remarketing is the best way to saturate every visitor to your site with great content to reignite their interest in your practice.  Our experienced creators are comfortable with veterinary services and capturing the voice of your brand. All content will be unique to your brand to maximize the potential for new patient acquisition.

Content Creation That Reflects Your Practices Brand Identity


We love playing with images and words. No veterinary remarketing campaign is too big or small for our team. Good Design can get people’s attention, but great designs & content get people to take action. We kick off all relationships with an interview to make sure we’re aligned on the things that matter most to you and your practice.

From there our team brainstorms on content creation, writes and designs the banner sets, and makes sure the content is optimized for the most possible conversions without being awkwardly stuffed with keywords. We love feedback and are happy to make revisions so that the final product is perfect for you and our guarantee.

Focused On Veterinary
Our writers & designers can explain the process of getting vaccinated as easily as they can discuss the benefits of spays and neuters. We’re comfortable in the veterinary space, but we also love to continuously learn from the experts - our clients.
Conversion Friendly
We write & design for people, not robots. To ensure that the most possible visitors return to your site and take action by either calling you or emailing you. Our team is dedicated to our guarantee and veterinary remarketing is a key piece of that brand.
We Care
We understand what you’ve invested to get your practice up and running. That’s why our writers and the entire Apex Veterinary Marketing team, are dedicated to your success. We’re a small business, too. So you can count on us to get the job done.

We Think Of Everything


Apex writers develop your brand voice while the designers showcase you & your practice. This is vital in setting you apart from your competition. They’ll break down your why in to ways that patients can understand and build a strategic plan to deliver that message in under .9 seconds to each user seeing the ad.

When planning the design and content for your remarketing campaigns we take your practice goals into consideration, first and foremost. We compare the topics that matter to you against the ones that matter to your marketing demographic. We search for the questions your patients are asking and make sure our banners answer them. It’s through considering everything that we’re able to deliver the best content & design for your veterinary remarketing and guarantee those efforts.

What You Can Expect

Our talented and attentive team works hard to bring you and your practice to life - digitally.

Checks for repetition, typos, and inaccuracies on any existing content
Content interviews during onboarding and/or branding calls so we can get to know you
Thorough understanding of your practice’s service offerings, goals, and message
Direct access to our designers to discuss any content related concerns or direction
Quality content for every element of your remarketing campaign
A Team who understands veterinary marketing & veterinary services

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