Apex Veterinary Marketing Poised to Disrupt The Pet Care Industry

Written By:
Daniel O'Donnell
May 25, 2020
An interview with Daniel O'Connell shed light on why Apex Veterinary Marketing exists today!

Apex Veterinary Marketing Poised to Disrupt Pet Care Industry

Specialized Marketing Company Guarantees Veterinarians Success in Boosting Lead Generation

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. (May 25th, 2020)Apex Veterinary Marketing, a rapidly-expanding marketing firm that specializes in helping veterinarians ignite the growth of their practices, has helped a growing number of veterinary practice clients implement data-driven lead generation strategies that guarantees at least 50 new leads per month.

“We started Apex because I saw a niche that needed to be filled; we saw stale marketing efforts, fragmentation and a la carte services that failed to produce the results vets are looking for,” said John Donato, founder of Apex Veterinary Marketing. 

Donato saw the rapid growth of the pet care industry, particularly veterinary services, and what an essential service it provides consumers even during the most difficult economic climates. 

Pet ownership has continued to climb with 85 million families owning a pet in the U.S., helping to provide stability for veterinarians but also increasing competition in the marketplace for medical pet care. Veterinary clinic owners have quickly come to realize they cannot expect to grow without proven tactics that help them stand out in their local markets and drive new client acquisition.

Veterinarians turn to Apex Veterinary Marketing when they want assistance in creating flexible, yet profitable lead generation strategies. Apex Veterinary Marketing offers month-to-month agreements, providing a variety of marketing tools to help generate leads, including pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media marketing, on-site video development, retargeted Web banner ads and organic search engine optimization (SEO). The company also offers website design using a combination of custom HTML coding, Google Tag Manager, multi-device compatibility and a highly customizable website platform featuring animation and responsive design.

Apex Veterinary Marketing’s focus is on two main aspects of marketing: attracting new customers and increasing client frequency – guaranteeing an unprecedented minimum of 50 new leads every month.

“It’s exciting to continue the growth we’ve experienced so far,” said Donato. “It’s due to our simple, yet powerful lead generation strategies for our clients. We have the proper industry knowledge to create properly calibrated strategies for a variety of clients. I’m enthusiastic to keep the momentum going for the rest of the year.”

Apex Veterinary Marketkng helps clients grow quickly with its targeted marketing campaigns and view results in real-time. The company’s proprietary dashboard delivers real-time reports that cover all aspects of the lead generation efforts. This allows clients to track and review the results Apex Veterinary Marketing brings them exactly as they happen.

Apex Veterinary Marketing works with all its clients to identify the best audiences, marketing language and SEO terms for their given communities. The firm sets up onboarding calls and team meetings to ensure marketing dollars are spent effectively.

About Apex Veterinary Marketing

Founded in 2019, Apex Veterinary Marketing is a rapidly-growing marketing firm that specializes in helping veterinarians grow their practices. Apex Veterinary Marketing’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff specializes in turning existing websites into profitable marketing engines and promises its clients a minimum of 50 new leads a month. The company is partnering with a growing roster of veterinarians throughout North America and is rapidly expanding its reach. For more information, visit www.apexveterinarymarketing.com or call (844) 844-0338.

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