Apex Veterinary Marketing Helps North Carolina Veterinarian Open Their Practice

Written By:
John Donato
October 13, 2021
Apex Veterinary Marketing Brings Another Veterinarian Into Our Pack Opening Up the North Carolina Market

Oakland Park, Fla. – October 7th, 2021 – Expanding its roster of new clients in North Carolina, ApexVeterinaryMarketing.com is riding a fast-growing wave of success. The national Veterinary marketing company has added another veterinary practice to its ever-expanding portfolio.

“The success of our unique approach to marketing and lead generation is evident by our continued growth with Veterinary practices  nationwide,” said John Donato, founder of ApexVeterinaryMarketing.com.

Veterinary practices continue to turn to ApexVeterinaryMarketing.com when seeking assistance in creating simple, yet profitable lead generation strategies when traditional marketing efforts are not enough. ApexVeterinaryMarketing.com provides its pack members with a variety of marketing initiatives to help generate leads, including responsive website design with multi-device compatibility, on-site photography, retargeted Web banners and organic search engine optimization. ApexVeterinaryMarketing.com’s focus is on two main aspects of marketing: attracting new customers and increasing client frequency.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to not only meet our lead quota, but to regularly exceed it,” said Donato. “We put veterinary practice owners in control of their marketing by giving them complete ownership of any creative materials we develop. Through our dashboard, veterinary practices have access to detailed, monthly reports that include exactly how many leads were generated by ApexVeterinaryMarketing.com, along with a recording of every phone conversation we have with leads.”

ApexVeterinaryMarketing.com proprietary dashboard delivers real-time reports that cover all aspects of the lead generation efforts employed for a particular veterinary practice, allowing the owner to track and review the results ApexVeterinaryMarketing.com brings them, exactly as they happen.


Founded in 2019, Apex is a rapidly-growing marketing firm that focuses solely on veterinary practices. Apex’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff specializes in turning existing websites into profitable marketing engines and promises its clients the highest level of customer support. The company currently partners with more than 100 practices throughout North America and is rapidly expanding its reach. For more information, visit www.apexveterinarymarketing.com or call (844) 844-0338.

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